Join the Rebel Legion

Making a Costume

Are you thinking of making a Star Wars costume and would like help or advice? We encourage you to sign up for our forums at There you will find:

Project HOPE (Helping Out Potential Endorians)

“What is it they’ve sent us?”

If you live in Northern California or Alaska and you’re looking for help a little closer to home, our Project HOPE for Endor Base Facebook group is a closed, but public platform to share your progress, seek advice, and chat with other Endor Base members.

Submitting a costume for Membership Approval

An outline of our membership requirements can be found in the Rebel Legion Charter.

Please review our membership form here.

Application Process:

  1. Applicants will first need to create a profile in our Rebel Legion Forum.
  2. Applicants must be 18 years or older. Potential applicants under the age of 18 may consider applying for the youth-oriented Galactic Academy.
  3. Once forum membership is approved (anyone is allowed to be a forum member if they are over 13 years of age), the applicant will need to log in and click the blue text link under the “Forum and Costume Controls” section that says “My Costumes”.
    • Any costume for submission must be owned by the applicant and should not be a rented, borrowed, or shared costume.
  4. Please fill out the costume information, and include links to the front, side, back and any detailed close ups the costume (these photos must be hosted on your own web site, such as a photobucket account).
    • All costume submissions must meet the Costume Standards listed in the Costume Standards Master List, on The Rebel Legion web site.
    • If you are submitting an Expanded Universe costume, or a costume for which we have no written standard yet, please submit links to 3 visual reference photos (front, back, and side where possible) of the artwork or screen used costume in addition to the pictures of your own costume.

Costume Quality

  1. A costume must not look or be store bought (i.e. a Halloween costume); it must be professional quality.
      Members are not required to sew or build their costumes themselves. Costume pieces may be commissioned or otherwise purchased from an outside source.
  2. A costume cannot simply be a collection of found clothing (i.e. a bathrobe and a karate uniform does not qualify as a Jedi costume). If 50% or more of the costume is made of unaltered pre-existing clothing it is not acceptable.
  3. The costume should look professional and be clean and in good condition (with weathering/wear only where appropriate).

Costume Application Photos

The applicant must submit one or more photos of their costume. Photo Standards for application submission:

  1. Applicant’s photo submission must be clear and adequately lit in front of a neutral background which is a different color than most of the costume.
  2. At least one photo must show the entire costume from head to toe. If the costume has important details on the sides or back, include photos of those views.
  3. The applicant should not be obscured by anyone or anything.
  4. An applicant’s member gallery photo can be an action/iconic character’s pose. In this case, it is important that the applicant provide additional photos with their application that show all parts of the costume with nothing obscured. At least one photo should not have arms and/or weapon covering the belt/midsection of the costume.
  5. If the costume has a robe or poncho, such as a Jedi costume or Endor Commando Leia, Photos must be taken with the robe/cloak/or poncho off so that we can view details such as tunics, shirts, and belt accessories clearly.
  6. Any applicant who wears a mask or heavy special effects make-up/prosthetics should include another photo of themselves in costume but with face visible.
  7. Pictures will be considered unacceptable if the applicant is wearing or holding anything not appropriate for the costume, including but not limited to sunglasses, convention badges, drinks, etc. Medical and assistance devices are exempt.
  8. All photos submitted for membership must not be altered (except for “red-eye” removal) in subject, background, or light saber/blaster effects. If the picture/costume is accepted, the Legion membership team will alter it for member gallery.

Costume Judging

The costume judges for the Rebel Legion (an impartial review board not affiliated with Base Command) will review the costume and notify the applicant of acceptance to The Rebel Legion (typically a 2 week turn around time). There is a chance that they may request additional photos of a costume. This does not mean an applicant has been denied membership, they may simply need to review some details not visible in the initial photo set. They may also ask for revisions to the costume to comply with the costume’s standards. In which case, an applicant would resubmit new costume photos for re-review after the necessary changes have been made to the costume.