Links to other places we can be found, as well as our parent organization and sister organizations.

Endor Base

Endor Base Forum – Endor’s official method of communication

Endor Base on Facebook

Endor Base on Instagram

Project HOPE for Endor Base – a closed, but public Facebook group for potential Endor members to post their progress and seek advice about their costumes.

The 501st Aurora Borealis Garrison – Serving Alaskan members of the Rebel Legion Endor Base, the 501st Legion, the Mandalorian Mercs, R2 Builders, and Galactic Academy.

The Rebel Legion

The Rebel Legion – World-wide Rebel “Good Guys” costuming organization

The Rebel Legion Forums

Rebel Legion on Facebook

The 501st Legion

The 501st Legion – World-wide Imperial “Bad Guy” costuming organization

The 501st Golden Gate Garrison – Serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California

The 501st Central California Garrison – Serving the Sacramento and San Joaquin Central Valley

The 501st Aurora Borealis Garrison – Serving the State of Alaska

The Mandalorian Mercs

The Mandalorian Mercs – World-wide Mandalorian costuming organization

The Mandalorian Mercs Teren Clan – Serving Northern California

The Mandalorian Mercs Wolves of Mandalore – Serving Central California

Saber Guild

Saber Guild – World-wide costumed lightsaber choreography performance organization

Temple Ach-To – Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

Droids and Younglings

The Galactic Academy – World-wide costuming club for younglings ages zero through seventeen years

The R2 Builders Club – World-wide R2 Builders Club

Sacramento Astromech Builders – Astromech builders in the Sacramento, CA region

Bay Area Droid Builders – Droid builders in the San Francisco Bay Area region