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General Inquiries

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Endor Base Command Staff 2019-2020

Endor Base Commanding Officer

Jen Hyman (Larirenshadow)
Email: Jen Hyman
Rebel Legion Profile: Larirenshadow

Endor Base Executive Officer

Shelley Hawkins (Shrey)
Email: Shelley Hawkins
Rebel Legion Profile: Shrey

Endor Base Charity Officer

Jason Leibowitz (Lebo1138)
Email: Jason Leibowitz
Rebel Legion Profile: Lebo1138

Endor Base Convention Coordinator

Cassie Brown (ObiWanCassie)
Email: Cassie Brown
Rebel Legion Profile: ObiWanCassie

Endor Base Merchandise Officer

Erich Von Bitonio (piccolo831)
Email: Erich Von Bitonio
Rebel Legion Profile: piccolo831

Endor Base Social Media PR Officer

Tim Burke (EzraBridger_1)
Email: Tim Burke
Rebel Legion Profile: EzraBridger_1

Endor Base Membership Officers

Pat M. Yulo (Callista Ming)
Email: Pat M. Yulo
Rebel Legion Profile: Callista Ming

Brad V. (Brad)
Email: Brad V.
Rebel Legion Profile: Brad

Endor Base Webmaster

Lindsay Cole (rhythmichigh)
Email: Lindsay Cole
Rebel Legion Profile: rhythmichigh