Command Staff

The Endor Base Command Staff consists of officials, both elected and appointed, who help to keep base operations running smoothly. The Command Staff work closely together to serve the Base membership and their communities.

Endor Base Command Staff 2019-2020

Endor Base Commanding Officer (BCO)

Jen Hyman (Larirenshadow)
Email: Jen Hyman
Rebel Legion Profile: Larirenshadow
Duties: The Commanding Officer is the Base’s elected leader who oversees all Base operations and events.

Endor Base Executive Officer (BXO)

Shelley Hawkins (Shrey)
Email: Shelley Hawkins
Rebel Legion Profile: Shrey
Duties: The Executive Officer, an individual appointed by the Commanding Officer, is the second in command and assists the Commanding Officer with Base operations.

Endor Base Charity Officer

Richard Boardman (Rickantilles)
Email: Richard Boardman
Rebel Legion Profile: Rickantilles
Duties: The Charity Officer organizes Base charity fundraisers, through means such as limited-run charity-related merchandise and events. They work closely with the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, and Merchandise Officers.

Endor Base Convention Coordinator

Cassie Brown (ObiWanCassie)
Email: Cassie Brown
Rebel Legion Profile: ObiWanCassie
Duties: The Convention Coordinator works closely with convention organizers to make the most of the Base’s appearances, whether it is simply walking around in costume to improve the atmosphere, or a table is provided for our related paraphernalia. The Convention Coordinator also acts as a point of contact between convention organizers and attending Base members.

Endor Base Merchandise Officer (BMO)

Erich Von Bitonio (piccolo831)
Email: Erich Von Bitonio
Rebel Legion Profile: piccolo831
Duties: The Merchandise Officer organizes runs of Base merchandise open only to members, including, but not limited to patches, challenge coins, clothing, and stickers.

Endor Base Social Media PR Officer

Tim Burke (EzraBridger_1)
Email: Tim Burke
Rebel Legion Profile: EzraBridger_1
Duties: The PR Officer is responsible for keeping our social media accounts up to date and promoting our Base.

Endor Base Membership Officers

Pat M. Yulo (Callista Ming)
Email: Pat M. Yulo
Rebel Legion Profile: Callista Ming

Brad V. (Brad)
Email: Brad V.
Rebel Legion Profile: Brad
Duties: The Membership Officer(s) work closely with the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer to answer membership questions, welcome new members to the Base, and recruit new members to the Base.

Endor Base Webmaster

Lindsay Cole (rhythmichigh)
Email: Lindsay Cole
Rebel Legion Profile: rhythmichigh
Duties: The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Endor Base Website, the related domains and servers, and published content. The Webmaster works closely with the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer in order to provide a clear, well-rounded, and up-to-date experience on the Endor Base Website.